Namaz allowed inside Bhojshala, Havan-worship wrong in Martand Sun Temple… Both decisions of ASI: Petition in Madhya Pradesh High Court against Namaz ML-News


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The Madhya Pradesh High Court will hear a petition seeking a ban on prayers at Bhojshala in Dhar. This petition has been filed by an organization named ‘Hindu Front for Justice’. In this case, the High Court has issued notice to the State Government of Madhya Pradesh, the Central Government and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI: Archaeological Survey of India).

This petition has been filed challenging the order passed by the Director General of ASI on 7th April 2003 in the Bhojshala case. In that order, Muslims were allowed to offer Namaz inside the Bhojshala.

The Muslim side describes this Bhojshala in Dhar district as ‘Amazing Moula Masjid’ built in the 11th century. On the other hand, the Hindu side calls it a heritage related to Sanatan Dharma. In the petition filed by the Hindu side in the High Court, the basic argument has been given:

“A grand Hindu temple named after Bhojshala was demolished by Islamic rulers in AD 1305, 1401 and 1514. But even after this he could not suppress the sentiments of Hindus. Since then, Hindus have been worshiping here because of their faith. Every year Basant Utsav is also celebrated here.

In its demand, the Hindu organization demanded the installation of Goddess Saraswati idol inside the Bhojshala and the investigation of the colorful paintings made inside. Along with this, the central government has also been requested to get radio carbon dating of the artefacts and idols made in Bhojshala. The same petition further stated:

“It is a blow to the faith of the devotees to remain in the same form till now after the temple was demolished. Due to this, Hindu society is not able to get spiritual power from its place of worship. The present form of Bhojshala is like teasing the devotees every day. Articles 21 and 25 of the Indian Constitution as well as 13(1) are for the protection of religious rights. The mistake which has been going on from the time of the invaders should now be rectified.”

The petition was heard by Justice Vivek Rusia and Justice Amar Nath Kesarwani. He found this petition worth hearing on merit. Simultaneously, he found that some other petitions in the same matter were already pending with him.

In its order, the High Court said, “Some more documents are claimed to have been filed by the counsel for the petitioner to substantiate his claims, which are not present in the writ. The matter is already pending in the court W.PNo.(s) 6514/2013, 1089/2016 and 28334/2019. This case is eligible to be filed as a Public Interest Litigation. Hence notice should be issued.”

Havan-worship wrong for ASI

A few days ago, after offering prayers at the 8th century Martand Sun Temple, devotees raised slogans of Har Har Mahadev. After this, the Lieutenant Governor of the state Manoj Sinha also participated in Navagraha Ashtamangalam Havan and Puja. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has called this worship a violation of the rules. Also, the governor has expressed objection to worshiping in this temple.

The ASI officials then said that as per the rules, the governor should have taken the approval before offering prayers at a place protected by the ASI. The ASI says that even though the puja was performed outside the temple, it is still a violation of the rules.


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